Docking Station

Dock the Hemapoter on a Ambulance, HumVee, Helicopter, or Airplane and keep the contents cool.

Active Cooling

Using our “patent pending” active cooling system the temperature can be set within its compartment allowing for different environmental conditions.


Using our “patent pending” insulation system the HemaPorter will keep the cold in and the heat out.

Drone Compatible

Use our state of the art drone attachment system to carry the HemaPorter 


Each HemaPorter comes with rechargeable batteries which allow for remote operations away from the docking system for up to 48 hours


GPS Tracking and Location Dection

Track the HemaPorter with. its built in GPS location system. Always now its location, and the environmental conditions its cargo is seeing.  

Active Detection

Using sensors within the HemaPorter the environmental conditions (i.e. temperature, humidity) inside it can be monitored, logged, and sent to a computing device for control or analysis.


Customize your HemaPorter to your needs whether you are transporting blood, organs, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals, we can size the HemaPorter to fit your applicattion


More Features to Come



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We are in the business of tracking and transporting vital life saving items to the forefront of battlefields, natural disaster areas, and emergency areas.