Cold Chain Storage Solutions

Introducing the LifeDock and HemaPorter System.

Actively Cooled

Rapidly Cool the HemaPorter when docked on the LifeDock. Maintains Preset Temperatures While Managing Power Consumption

Passively Cooled

Passive Cooling when undocked and on the move. The LifeDock and HemaPorter provides Real Time Data For Cold Chain Transparency While In The Field

Modular Blood Banking

Our Systems can Scale To Fit Your Needs. From Mass Casualty to Humanitarian Crisis Scenario DVT’s Solutions provides customized Modular Cold Chain Storage to fit your scenario

Content Assurance

Track and Monitor your cargo for safe delivery with Guaranteed Potency


DVT’s product offerings can store Vaccines, Pharmaceutical, Biologics, Organs & Perishables to fit your needs. 

Cold Chain Technology

Monitor and keep blood, pharmaceuticals, biologics, organs and other items cool for long periods of time while shipping.  

Increased Survival Rates

The leading cause of death of preventable death to soldiers and civilians in combat zones since before WWII has been massive blood loss due to traumatic injury. Desert Valley Tech will achieve greater rates of survival in challenging and remote medical environments by increasing cold chain custody and storage solutions further from a hospital than ever before.

We are driven to Save Lives. 

We protect the most precious of life saving biomaterials. Storing, shipping, and monitoring your cargo throughout its journey. Don’t rely one ice during your shipment. Actively cool your cargo in motion and during layovers. 

In the News

Desert Valley Tech has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to conduct research and development (R&D) on Mobile Blood Banking use the LifeDock and HemaPorter. Read the Press Release Here

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